Timeshare Kids Adopt Dream Cruise for Hope in Prague


Prague , the capital of the Czech Republic , has been reputed as one of the most spectacular cities in the world for its old world charm and stunning blend of eye pleasing architecture, proudly standing tall, for over 1000 years.

Within the city also remembered for its ancient Alchemy, all that glitters is not gold.

Prague 's orphans, often forgotten except at Christmas time when companies and some individuals take heart and drop a ‘glad bag' on their door, are too often hidden away, as a problem to be ignored.

A Timeshare Charity, Time4Sharing.org, has for the past 5 years, ignited many members of the community in a shining example of where ‘heart meets action' driving social and community action schemes in the process. The charity has a mission: To Share valuable and quality time with kids that matter, to instil the values of a timeshare vacation, fun and fantasy, and create joy and fun in the process on both sides. In the Czech Republic alone, it has worked with over 47 orphanages and special homes . The charity was started 5 years ago in Prague and since then, has created over 100 fun days for kids in 5 nations.

Time4Sharing generates smiles, and it has done so now with over 10,000 children in its fun days from various other organizations including orphanages, Special Homes for the mentally and physically challenged, Special Olympics, Unicef, SOS, and many others.

Time4sharing.org does not readily accept cash donations but co-sponsors and partners of events are encouraged in various markets where timeshare as a product is marketed and sold.

Time4Sharing.org prefers donations of ‘time' from its volunteers who have timeshare jobs and its sponsors.

Its events are year round and not only connected to Christmas time, albeit it does its fair share of seasonal cheer in its multi-national annual events schedule.

Its ‘Ambassadors of Hope' include top sports celebrities, entertainers and politicians in their respective countries.

Many of the 100 various projects it has done over the past five years have been social action community focused, from creating book drives in its ‘Million words of Hope campaign' to ‘Trees Instead of Mines' with the United Nations in Southern Lebanon . All of the events and press are archived on their website, lending testimony to good and well deserved publicity associated with the word ‘timeshare' and the worldwide industry at large.

Volunteers arrange Fun- Days for kids who are indeed underprivileged either socially, physically or mentally, and create a dream day out, encouraging and indeed bringing to life, the core values that the timeshare industry aims to fulfil and kids all over the world relate to and desire: the sharing of valuable time.

On the occasion of the OTE(Organization of Timeshare in Europe) annual weekend during November 4 th to 6 th ,2005 , in Prague , several delegates worked with www.Time4Sharing.org representatives to discover more ways that the organization could expand its activities in other nations where timeshare as a product is marketed and sold.

Attending the conference along with 400 other timeshare leaders was well known and respected and famed timeshare personnel and systems trainer, Shari Levitin-Katz, president of The Levitin Group, who said, “We think what you guys at time4sharing.org are doing is so great!” she commented .

“Shari Levitin echoed the sentiments of so many other caring industry professionals at the conference that were only now being introduced to the movement for the first time, and the reception is very, very positive”, said Bassam Nakad, a volunteer member of the charity and industry professional.

Why Time4sharing.org?

The underlying message is two fold: Timeshare professionals do care for and historically do give back to their communities and secondly in doing so, not only empower the less fortunate, but raise the bar of awareness and perception to other groups to jump in and lend a hand to kids that matter. This improves public perception in our markets of course while giving so much more to these worthy kids”, says Bassam Nakad, VP of Communications, Platinum Resorts International.

Timeshare has improved its image in many other ways in the past few years, such as better regulation thanks to the tireless work of the organizations like the OTE and brand hospitality groups like Hilton and Starwood, raising standards while reaping a share of the 7 billion dollar industry, worldwide.

Members of www.TimeshareStaff.com and www.ResortFranchiseAssociates.com combined forces to create a day of Magical Memories with companies like World Class Vacation Club and JTE lead of Cyprus, led by Anna Theodorou, Director of the Cyprus group that pioneered timeshare, in that country.

They joined in with a mixed group of dedicated volunteers representing timeshare companies from Slovakia , Lebanon and Malta to create a dream day for 20 children on the Vltava River on Sunday the 6 th of November.

They chartered a 50 seat Cruise boat exclusively for these kids for the day, and cruised the city banks amongst the swans and ducks with these smiling children, exploring the beauty of the city that few have seen, as the boat made its way to the famed Prague Zoo.

Once there, the children were met by the pre-arranged official Zoo Keeper, who ushered these new VIP's for a special adoption ceremony, a re-creation of the charities first event, in November 2000.

“These children today adopted their own child, a Kangaroo, and are very proud to have had the chance to become parents, its really quite touching” said Petra Reisova, Event Coordinator. “The Kangaroo symbol has been the mascot of the charity, its name is Boomerang, to imply that, like Karma, giving is receiving .”

“I am now Mommy” glowed young Katrina, a 9 year old Orphan who took part in the fun day adoption ceremony. “It's nice, very nice kangaroo baby” she beamed.

“The giving of time is more precious than an empty donation sometimes, and we enjoy every event in this way as do the kids”, said Reisova. “Each child attending today received their very own adoption certificate in their name, it was so exciting for them”, she added.

“Our children in this event, ages 4 to 10, also prepared their own gift; a special empowerment project for other less fortunate children, in Kashmir in English and their own language, Czech”, she added.

The devastation of the earthquakes in India and Pakistan that left so many homeless and newly orphaned. The children were urged t to create their own Banner of Hope, a personalized giant card of well wishes with their hand prints and personal messages inside, to be delivered to the respective embassies in Prague this week.” she said.

“ Our site has posted a plea to support www.SaveTheChildren.org and a method to help those children is being promoted, directing those willing to give, to the best places where help will surely arrive in the hands of those in need.” said Reisova of www.Time4Sharing.org .

“What we do, in reality, you might say, is, but a drop in the bucket. In many ways, you would be right in thinking that. However, we hope, that by raising awareness to each event we are blessed to do, we might stimulate someone else, and indeed others more capable than we are, to do more… and that, is the power that gives us the passion, that drives our motivation, in every event” said Reisova.

“It has been a fantastic five years” said Bassam Nakad, Vice President of www.Time4Sharing.org, “and we are looking forward to the next five years as we partner up with many more resorts and timeshare companies in many other countries, including Dubai .”

“We are open to expand the good news anywhere where caring and responsible timeshare operators want to make a difference in their market to improve their own world” added Nakad. “One of our future projects in 2006-2007 will include taking a group of underprivileged children from several countries out to Dubai , for a week of fantasy and fun.”

“Timeshare will soon emerge in Dubai , as one the major growth industries in that market. We want our kids to benefit from the many new attractions planned in Dubai , working with reliable timeshare partners to co-sponsor such week of a lifetime impact and memories. “Dubai is the new Orlando theme park attraction centre of the east, and our kids will not only love it, but they will remember it forever, which, is the stuff dream-making is all about, and the reason timeshare was invented, the doorway to dreams ”, he glowingly said.

For more information contact info@Time4Sharing.org