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About is an international charity movement supported by timeshare professionals from all around the world,that joined together to help enrich the lives of less fortunate children. By taking part in and organizing the fun days for these children they intend to foster the values of "time-share vacations".

Not always money can buy everything and in the case of the orphaned children it can not buy them what they need the most: the love and the affection of their parents. The movement has undertaken the responsibility to educate the communities, where it is active, to deliver a better future for the orphaned, intellectually and physically challenged children by creating a feeling of belong ness. We help them feel and get the attention and love, which in the end, makes a much bigger impact on them than just financial donation. is not in any way in competition with any other charity.On the contrary, we are open to work with existing works of goodwill and compliment them in the areas and localities where custodians are ready, active, and able to initiate events. We worked and cooperated with other charity movements and organizations, such as Unicef, Special Olympics, The Christel Haus charity also with many cultural and government organizations. is an "energy raising- action making movement". It "raises Fun" instead of "Funds" . It seeks the energy of timeshare related professionals who respond to the call of the charity founder Viviane Boulaus - Tolan "to give back the currency of energy to the global community of children , who may not imagine any of their dreams to come true".

Since its inception in the year 2000, the movement has organized more than 70 events for over 6 000 children from 15 nations. Next very important project will be under the auspices of His Excellency, Mr. Ghazi Al Aridi, the Minister of Culture,in collaboration with the Higher Council for Childhood and the Ministry of Social Affaires launches a National Day for Peace & Unity. On 1st June, the International Children's Day, an amazing Monument of a symbolic Cedar Tree will be christened by underprivileged children from the entire nation at the UNESCO Palace, a standard - setter for universal ethical agreements and an icon of Education & Culture. A circle of hope and unity will be staged by the children of Lebanon representing all religious faction in a hand holding ceremony surrounding the Monument. On this day of "Peace & Unity", a call for harmony demonstrated by Lebanese children of different communities will be a message to stop separation and segregation and to reach to their neighbors out because It's Time for Sharing.

The Charity does not accept Donations in cash, but points sponsors to orphanages in need in Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bahrain and Lebanon. Projects in 2004 include also Hungary, Croatia and Malaysia.

If you or anyone you know is involved in the timeshare business anywhere in the world and wish to know how you could help the global movement grow in your market area, please contact us today.

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