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Christmas afternon full of joy ý

Vianočné popoludnie plné radosti Bratislava, Slovakia, 20.12.2006ý

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Time4Sharing Christmas Events!!!!!

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Timeshare for One Day in Lebanon's Palace

Time4sharing.org's Mascot Arrests Santa at Charity Event in Slovakia

"The Holiday season is here again, and Time4sharing.org appeals to any Timeshare community member in there market area to donate time to less fortunate children this holiday season.

Time4sharing.org will host a series of actions in Slovakia, Malta, and Lebanon in its post war struggle for stability.
If you would like to help, volunteer or assist in any way, contact our
support team today.... info@time4sharing.org "

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Main Platinum Sponsors for all Christmas events are: "Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association", and   Gold Sponsors are www.WorldClass.sk  and Platinum International Volunteers in Malta, Lebanon and Slovakia.







Ongoing Events:


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President Of Slovakia, Ivan Gasparovic (left), Michael J.Tolan, Co-Founder Time4sharing.org with Mrs. Silvia Gašparovicová, (right) First Lady of Slovak Republic, winner of Humanitarian Award










Timeshare Kids Race to Win in Beirut

“Anyone who tries …is a WINNER."

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While Raising FUN and CARE For Children That Matter

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Timeshare Kids Adopt Dream Cruise for Hope in Prague

Prague , the capital of the Czech Republic , has been reputed as one of the most spectacular cities in the world for its old world charm and stunning blend of eye pleasing architecture, proudly standing tall, for over 1000 years. ..more


Lebanon 2004: Doves of Peace fly for Mrs. Andree Emile Lahoud, First Lady of Lebanon (R) and Mdm Vivian Boulos Tolan, Time4Sharing Founder (L) on International Children’s Day.
Time4Sharing.com is an international charity movement supported by timeshare professionals from around the world that join together to help enrich the lives of less fortunate children. Time4Sharing.com volunteers focus on creating and organizing “Fun Days” of entertainment for disadvantaged children by giving a gift of time, one of the most precious commodities in today’s busy life.

Mrs. Viviane Boulos Tolan, the charity founder explains, “Time4Sharing.com is a web based, energy raising, action making movement, the movement raises Fun instead of Funds.” The movement enlists the time and energy of timeshare professionals who respond to the founders call to, “give something back” to the global community of children in communities where luxury timeshare vacations are marketed and sold. This worldwide movement grows through the participation of timeshare industry developers, marketing and sales personnel who are happy to volunteer and share their time and professionalism.

The timeshare industry makes a large contribution to the lifestyle and leisure of vacationers around the world, creating dream-come-true holidays for millions of families. The Time4Sharing movement creates a model of hope for special kids who may not imagine any of their dreams coming true, undertaking to create events that mirror some of the values that timeshare vacations espouse, which are fun, fantasy and friends.

They also raise awareness in the community to the importance of inclusion for these children giving them attention and love and creating a feeling of belonging by just being there! Sharing the gift of themselves, these volunteers make a much bigger immediate impact to orphaned, intellectually and physically challenged children.

Time4Sharing supports UNICEF
3rd Annual Garden Party,
Bratislava, Slovakia

Time4Sharing.com often works in co-operative relationships with other charities. These supportive partnerships compliment each other in areas and localities where Time4Sharing volunteers are ready, willing and able to contribute. They have worked and cooperated with esteemed charity movements and organizations such as: UNICEF,The United Nations Children’s Fund, Christel Haus and the International Olympic Committee’s Special Olympics

Since its inception in the year 2000, the movement has organized more than 100 events for over 10,000 children from 15 nations, and enjoyed the support of many cultural and governmental organizations.

An important project envisioned by Mrs. Tolan is the creation of a national monument to all the underprivileged children of the nation of Lebanon, the unveiling to coincide with the observance of a National Day for Peace and Unity on June 1st 2004. The project is under the Patronage of Her Excellency Mrs. Andrée Emile Lahoud, First Lady of Lebanon, and is in collaboration with the Higher Council for Children and the Ministry of Social Affaires of Lebanon.

This June 1st date is also International Children's Day worldwide. The monument of a symbolic cedar tree, commissioned by one of the finest sculptors in the nation, will be christened by underprivileged children from the entire nation at the United Nations UNESCO Palace in Beirut.

The opening ceremonies will include a human circle of hope and unity, staged by the children of Lebanon, representing all the religious factions in a hand-to-hand ceremony surrounding the Cedar Tree Monument. On this National Day of Peace and Unity, included in a call for harmony by the children of the different Lebanese communities will be a plea to end segregation, embrace and accept the cultural diversity of their nation and create the conditions needed for peace.

The charity movement operates in Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bahrain and Lebanon. Projects in 2006-2007 include also Cyprus, Dubai, Hungary, Croatia and Malaysia and the Far East. - Click here to view the slide show

If you or anyone you know is involved in the timeshare business anywhere in the world and wish to know how you could help the global movement grow in your area, please