Timeshare Kids Race to Win in Beirut



Once known as the jewel of the Middle East, Beirut , Lebanon still commands the most stunning scenery and magnetic charm in the region.

In the midst of the chaos of everyday life in a nation struggling to contain civility among its 18 various religious communities, one common link in the chain, is unity through sport and festivity. The Lebanese's are famous for hospitality and their unique vitality and any event that combines sports and party is bound to flourish, hence the Beirut Marathon.

The Beirut Marathon Association was established 3 years before by Mrs. May El-Khalil, and has grown from strength to strength each year, from 6,000 runners the first year to 17,000 participants in 2005.

Participating each year were also various charities and social action groups, notably Time4sharing.org.

This year, its timeshare kids participated in two phases, both as runners and as volunteers, empowering and assisting the thousands of runners with there own ‘fun water stand'.


Mrs. Vivian Boulos Tolan, Co-Founder Time4Sharing , Mrs. May El-Khalil, President of Beirut Marathon, Mrs. Nayla Mouawad, Minister of Social Affairs


Time4sharing.org has a motto for its kids who participate, “Anyone who tries …

Is a Winner”.


“Making an effort for children that matter is what drives the passion of this charitable organization. The marathon events signify that we are in this for the Long -Run And so are our volunteers and sponsors.” said Vivian Boulos-Tolan, co-founder.

The idea of Time4sharing.org started 5 years ago by the Beirut couple who promote timeshare vacations and has sparked smiles in over 10,000 to kids from 15 various countries. Time4sharing.org has participated in and sponsored events with Special Olympics and marathons in Beirut and Prague .

Its involvement outside the marathon arena has led its social action projects such as ‘Trees instead of Mines' with the United Nations in southern Lebanon, ‘Million Words of Hope', literacy project, ‘Computers for little Scooters' which gathered used computers and printers from banks and institutions to orphanages and ‘Goals for Kids' in Slovakia, a goals teaching school using football as a platform, led by the National football team stars, just to name a few.

A featured participant and volunteer is Boomerang, their 6 foot Kangaroo who is the charities mascot and present at all of their 102 events to date.

“Our first event gave us encouragement to do more, and each time we do another, its sparks the fuel tanks of our stamina and our volunteers who have timeshare jobs to look forward to the next event” said Bassam Nakad, Vice President of the Timeshare Charity, dedicated to empowering underprivileged kids.

This year our kids were in two groups, those who ran for hope, to raise awareness for our ‘Hope to the Kids of Kashmir' campaign through www.savethechildren.org , and the other group volunteered to help others participating in the Marathon. “Our group this year here at the Beirut Marathon, of 30 kids and 15 Volunteers were very proud to show solidarity with our community, while at the same time, making sure our kids had a joyous day, and believe me they did.

Thanks to sponsors like www.timesharestaff.com and World Class Vacation Club, these kids had a blast” he said.

“Boomerang just returned from Prague as the 5 th anniversary of the timeshare charity was celebrated with Dream Cruise for Kids and Zoo trip as part of their ‘Day of a Lifetime' concept.” He added.

“Timeshare Holidays provide its members with dream destinations and experiences throughout the world, and our charity recreates these values though its Fun Days events all year long for children who are less fortunate either through physical or mental challenges or social ones.” said Nakad.

Present also at the event was the Minister of Social Affairs, H. E. Mrs. Nayla Mouawad together with www.Time4sharing.org founder, Vivian Boulos-Tolan, saluting the efforts of all volunteers who empowered social development along with the efforts of BMA President, May El –Khalil.

“Time4sharing.org looks forward to incredible fun events for its day of a life time events in 2006- 2007, including trips to Dubai by some of its kids from various countries. As Dubai will become the timeshare capital of this part of the world, we will be there too” added Nakad.

Asked what time4sharing.org will accomplish in the long run ,after the marathon and so many other events to come the founder replied: “Our work in Time4sharing.org after 5 years of fun, sends a message in each new event, which is integrated into our values of ‘Hope for Unity and Peace' for everyone, and this is accomplished through the small voices of tiny children often forgotten who matter so much and deserve the ‘time we share' said Boulos -Tolan .