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Timeshare Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary with a Platinum Bang!
Press Release: Platinum International
March 5, 2004

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Platinum International, a leading lifestyle and real estate consortium that features its own timeshare vacation club, organized its 10th Anniversary in Beirut, Lebanon. The company, founded in 1994 by Michael and Vivian Tolan, began its journey into the world of vacation homes by the fraction, with 3 employees, hoping to sell off the 10 apartments they had purchased in Malta.

The company today employs 500 hundred professionals in five countries and has representative operations in many others. Platinum created the World Class Vacation Club, a leading portfolio of vacation real estate enjoyed by members of its holiday club.

Platinum staff were on hand to witness the beginning of the afternoon celebrations which started with an inaugural parade in Jounieh, Lebanon, an area that hosts Platinum's head office and its featured World Class Vacation Club Resort in that Middle East tourist haven.

The parade was organized along with many merchants of the area, many of whom also participate with Platinum on promotions throughout the year.

The company, famous in Lebanon for providing dream holidays for couples, organized a wedding within the parade with two members of their staff, who led the entourage in a carriage led by a royally draped and anointed Platinum Horse.

The entire region enjoyed the parade for more than two hours whereby its crescendo was a traditional "dance in the street" by the Platinum newlyweds as the Parade onlookers participated in enjoying the dance and witnessing the many starbursts of fireworks that lit up the skies over the Mediterranean township.

"We literally had a blast!" squinted Bassam Nakad, Vice President of Marketing for the Middle East, and so did everyone else.
Lebanon is not so accustomed to any type of parade since before the war and this was no small event to participate in for anyone, its was all uphill, literally!" he added.

The staff of Platinum then gathered in a top hotel in the area for a Gala Night, whereby awards and memories of the group's achievements over the past decade were recalled.

The staff were received by the Lebanon Management team made of Mr. Fouad Chouiery, Mr. Bassam Nakad and Michael and Vivian Tolan.

"Since its inception, Platinum has continued to create added opportunities for its clients, staff and people within the communities we work in," said Michael J. Tolan, Chairman of the Group. "This trend will continue over the next ten years as we empower our team to carry out our `win-win' mandate and mantra."

Platinum founders also created a well-known underprivileged children's charity known as www.Time4sharing.com that has positively impacted over 6,500 children from 15 nations since its inception, and is predominately managed through company volunteers. The charity raises Fun for children in the communities that Platinum employees have commercial activities.

"Creating and Managing a company like this these past ten years has been a very challenging task, as you can imagine. Our strategy has been to create niche markets in emerging countries and continue to service our clients year after year in each market," admitted Tolan.

"The global economy, regional wars and EU integration have been but few of the hurdles we have had to cross in the past ten years, but we have done so as a team of determined and united Individuals that make us what we are… Committed to Excellence!" he explained.

Platinum International development team is planning to launch its newest product yet, "Rediscover Dreams" later this year, added Tolan, to take us forward and beyond the next decade.