Our Ambassadors

Meet Boomerang The Happy Kangaroo!

Born in Prague and adopted by the Time4sharing.com charitable movement, Boomerang has become the official Ambassador of the worldwide charity!

Boomerang originally from Australia, is an immigrant of the Czech Republic. She travels as often as she can to greet the Time4sharing.com volunteers and participants whenever there is an event. She enjoys, hopping, hugging and giving high fives! She is becoming a celebrity among the children she has worked with from the Time4sharing.com events planned around the world. Boomerang has currently mastered 6 languages and is eager to learn more.

Boomerang also enjoys hearing cheers, so the Time4sharing.com children have created a chant for her that she loves to hear: "Boomer, Boomer, Boomerang" It has been noted that this particular cheer makes Boomerang so happy that she begins to hop from one child to the next.

Boomerang also loves pasta and going to sock hops. Her favorite songs are "Jump" by Van Halen and "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones.

Boomerang is also an investment counselor and offers anyone who cares a hot tip! "Invest some of your time with people that matter in your community and the interest that you will gather will be irreplaceable."

If you would like to write Boomerang you could email her at info@time4sharing.org She loves hearing from her fans!

Dr. Timothy Shriver appointed honorary ambassador for "time4sharing.com" Sep, 16, 2002

Just before the opening of the Special Olympic Games, held in Beirut, "Time4sharing.com", a foundation based on the Internet devoted to rehabilitation of disadvantaged children around the world, has promised wider cooperation with the international Olympic Committee. This promise was made by its president, Dr. Timothy Shriver, who is none other than the cousin of Senator Ted Kennedy and the brother-in-law of the fabled Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their sporting activities serve more than a million mentally handicapped children worldwide. Time4sharing.com, which focuses on creation of "a day of entertainment" for arranged a special event during the Games for 400 mentally disabled children.

They spent part of the day at the beach in Jounieh, from which they ascended in the telepherique to the summit of the mountain overlooking the town to visit our national icon, Our Lady of Lebanon -- Harissa, the basilica where the pope celebrated mass during his memorable visit in 1997.

During a ceremony given in Dr. Shirver's honor, in the presence of senior officials of the Lebanese government, the founder, Viviane Boulos Tolan, presented him with a prize, naming him Honorary Ambassador of Hope for Time4sharing.com. Accepting the prize, Dr. Shriver stressed the importance of " Sharing time" and said during the dinner given in his honor by officials of the foundation that "the sharing of the heart and of time is beyond price".