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*Suggestion-We recommend that your first event be under 5 hours…for the kids attention span and your staffs ability to cope with top supervision.

Kindly give us the names of the persons who would be in charge of planning the event and there relevant contact and refer to our planning check list details.

Please note that we suggest a minimum of 30 days planning time before any event.

We further suggest that a nurse from the orphanage be on hand throughout the day and that all safety issues be exceptionally considered.

Never allow any alcohol or smoking anywhere near this event. 
Always have one adult available for each child, this is about giving these children energy and attention.


To plan your next event, here is a checklist for you to print out and follow:

1 Choose a type of event (trip/activity, etc...)
2 Choose a day for the event
3 Choose what venue will host event
4 Choose an Orphanage
5 Decide how many children to include
6 Contact the Orphanage
7 Contact Transportation (Bus of Goodwill)
8 Plan on a gift (either T-shirts, sweatshirts, toys, etc…)
9 Order enough for children, volunteers, etc…
10 Prepare Name tags for all children
11 Round up enough volunteers (1 per every child)
12 Plan for posters for the bus
13 Find a photographer
14 Contact all media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines)
15 Derive Budget
16 Collect Sponsors if needed
17 Confirm with Orphanage, and Venue on a regular basis
18 Have a carefully planned Inventory of the day
19 Make sure volunteers eat at intervals so that kids are never left alone
20 Make sure volunteers provide highest degree of motivation
21 Ensure that Timeshare vacation values are met in every event (Fun, Luxury and Quality)
22 Send schedule and all news releases and photos etc…
23 Have the most fun you have ever had empowering others!!!!