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There are many ways you can support and help us raise fun and enhance the lives of some less fortunate children and young people.

Mainly by

  1. Volunteer work
  2. Plan your own event
  3. Inspiring your company/employer to join and support “fun raising activities”

Volunteer work is greatly dependent on the support from the timeshare professionals from all over the world as well as other like minded people that enjoy participating.

You will truly make a difference in these children lives if you share you time with them and participate at some of events by:

- volunteering in our projects
- supporting or participating at some of our awareness raising charity events

For further information about activities organized in your area contact us here.

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Plan your own event

Start contributing by creating your own Event! Send us a few details about your organization and give us an idea of the type of Fun Day Event that you would like to sponsor.

Your resort may choose to foot the whole bill for the day or co-operate with other generous sponsors to make it a really memorable day out.
You might be lucky enough to have a forward thinking team that sees this mission so positively that they plan to execute one of these days every three months or even more frequently.

Once we have your details we will get involved in mapping your event and announcing it to other members and guiding your group on special tips that will be helpful to your special day.

Your organization will be a Sponsor of a event and will receive a recognition certificate from the Charity to honor your thoughtful and meaningful contribution to the kids.

That contribution is in service and energy as we do not want you to send money to the charity! Instead we want photos and articles about the event. So if you would be interested to organize a special day for your resort and have your staff rally round and give to kids who could never hope to receive, then contact us here.

"Let's make an impact together!!!"

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Corporate Support

Helping in charity activities will bring immense joy to these underprivileged children but will also bring great benefits to your company. guarantees company sponsoring charity events great media and public exposure. As a result, this will bring your company big promotional benefits.

Our past practice made us realize, that there are also other important benefits coming to the companies sponsoring our events such as:

- It will build your customer loyalty
- Improve brand perception
- Improve your corporate image in the local community
- Bring you new customers
- Increase sales
- Increase your press and PR coverage
- This way you will distinguish yourself from your competition

Means of corporate support:

1. Corporate volunteering
If you decide to participate by sending your employees to volunteer in our projects this will also give you benefits of:

- increasing motivation among your employees
- strengthening of the team feeling
- bringing the feeling of how your involvement does bring difference and helps these children

2. Corporate donations

Beside donating your time your company can also support movement by a simple donation.

Depending on what kind of project will be organized in your area and which orphanage will have the event organized for you can support the event by donating:

a) Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind are donations in items rather than money. By donating excess inventory items you can greatly directly helpthe children in the orphanage or the events we organize for them.

For example:
In 2002 we organized a project called CHILDREN ON LINE, that involved providing 150 orphanages in the Czech Republic with the computers, software and internet access.

The computers donated by the companies were not new, but were the computers, that would anyway end up somewhere in the storage room after being used by the same companies for 3 or 4 years.
At the same time we arranged with an internet provider free connection and the usage of the internet.
We also organized free PC and Internet courses by other caring volunteers that helped by providing their skills, knowledge to these needy children.

By doing this we enabled the orphanages to have their own Web site, which consequently help them in raising the awareness about the problems and needs of the orphanages.

We helped the children to gain the knowledge and the experience in using the computer and the internet, which certainly widened their opportunities to find a good job after they leave the orphanage and thought them the benefits of the fast growing.

b) Company Resources

You can also support activities and charity events by donating your company products or facilities.

For example:
In July 2003 organized a fun day for Maltese orphans from St Rita's Home of Tarxien at the Mediterraneo Marine Park at Bahar ic-Caghaq in Malta.

This was only made possible since the Mediterraneo Marine Park generously provided with their facilities and organized a special program for the orphans, local Gastro café provided the children with lunches and many other generous sponsors provided the children with the gifts, which were their own product, such as Mdina Glass.

For more information about the events you can support this way
contact us at

Our greatest and a most devoted supporter of the “fun raising” activities is Platinum International, a leading lifestyle and real estate consortium that features its own timeshare vacation club.

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Our Most Devoted Supporter

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