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What started as a thankful intention on November 13th, 2000, transformed into an inspired mission for disadvantaged children globally.

Today over 16,500 Children have attended one of our Time 4 Sharing events and participated through music, art, education, and fun.

Join us to spread hope to kids that matter across the globe…

Help us spread our ‘I’M Possible’ Mantra wherever caring hearts are joined to make a difference…

Coach M J Tolan, Co-Founder of Time 4 Sharing, Bestselling Author, and International Keynote Speaker shared an incredible story on how this charity began

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Our mission is simple yet profound: to spread hope and possibility to every child who needs it. With our ‘I’M Possible’ mantra guiding us, we invite compassionate souls everywhere to join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of these remarkable young individuals. Let’s create a world where every child knows they are valued, supported, and capable of achieving their dreams.

ACHIEVEMENTS has been dedicated to transforming the lives of less fortunate children across various countries through its community action projects for over two decades. Founded with the mission to provide joyful experiences to children in need, this charity organization has actively operated in Lebanon, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bahrain, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Time 4 Sharing Lebanon with First Lady of the Republic Madame Andre’ Lahoud

In Lebanon, Time4Sharing has initiated numerous activities focused on education and cultural enrichment, helping children access learning resources and engage in artistic pursuits. Moving to Europe, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the organization has focused on integrating technology into learning, providing digital tools to underprivileged children to bridge the educational divide.


Further East in the Philippines, the charity has made significant contributions by organizing community-building projects that not only cater to immediate needs like food and shelter but also foster a sense of community among children through play and educational activities.


Lastly, in Thailand, Time4Sharing has been involved in environmental projects, teaching children the importance of conservation and sustainable living practices through hands-on activities and field trips.

hope for a brighter future

Throughout these 23 years, Time4Sharing has consistently worked towards its goal of providing special days and memorable events for children, making a lasting impact on their lives, and giving them reasons to smile and hope for a brighter future.

Highlights of the Asia World Tour Time 4 Sharing 2023


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