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What happens when a couple finally discovers they will have twins after 8 years of struggle?

Massive gratitude.
Vivian and Michael (Coach M J) were childless for 8 years, they had experienced 5 pregnancies turn into miscarriages and were on the verge of adopting.

Then the news came to Coach M J on the phone from the doctor that they were going to have twins… At first disbelief… and after elation… it was a gift from above.

Immediately the couple decided that they would give thanks by holding a meaningful celebration of gratitude through an event for kids in need.

As they owned Vacation Timeshare Offices in various countries, they decided to call their initiative Time 4 Sharing, an opportunity to share time with kids in need.

They sponsored a Kangaroo at the Prague Zoo and organized to invite and transport 37 children from a local orphanage to a surprise event.
Once there, using translators, Coach M J announced that all of the children attending were being made honorary Mothers and Fathers of this orphan Kangaroo.
The Kangaroo was named Boomerang, and at the ceremony, each child was given a Certificate as an Honorary Parent of Boomerang.

From this incredibly moving event, the spark had been ignited.
Time4sharing was born.
The idea of the charity was simple:
To create fun experiences for children they would remember forever.
‘To Raise Fun, not funds, for kids that matter.’

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